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Bio Collectors has been at the forefront of A.D in London since 2009 when it took over a failing composting plant and converted it into a modern and efficient A.D facility and processing up to 100,000 tons of food waste per year.

Starting with just one vehicle, offering collection services to local schools for their canteen waste, the business quickly grew to over 20 vehicles today, providing on average 300 individual collections per day, 6 day's a week to businesses across Greater London.

Our fleet of award winning, food-waste powered collection vehicles exceed all road emissions and ULEZ standards ensuring that our services are at the forefront of sustainablilty and the circular economy in Greater London.

Bio Collectors also works closely with many of the major waste management companies to provide reliable and regular collections to their clients, helping them to fully realise the many cost and environmental benefits of segregated food waste services.


Bio Collectors is one of the only Anerobic Digestion sites in the U.K certified by the British Gas Council to provide bio-gas directly into the National Grid. The energy produced from recycling food waste is provided straight to homes and businesses, helping reduce the U.K's reliance on far less sustainable sources, such as fracking.

The process also produces a nutrient rich (and award-winning) fertiliser from food waste, called Digestate. By providing this to farmers, Bio Collectors is helping to rejuvenate the soil and improve the quality of their crops without the need for damaging and environmentally unfriendly, chemical alternatives.

Bio Collectors is proud to be offering a trusted and efficient closed-loop service to London's vast array of restaurants, schools, hospitals and many other businesses, helping to ensure a cleaner and more sustainable future for everyone. 

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Meet The Team

Paul Killoughery
Founder & CEO
Eurico Santos
Transport Manager
James McMillan
Marketing & Comms Manager
George Adu Boahene
Plant Operations
Ken Mead
Plant Manager