Bio Collectors interviewed for BBC Breakfast – Watch us Wed 20/2

As the UK battles to reduce its £20bn food waste bill, bread still tops the charts as one of the most wasted products at all stages.

With 44% of bread in the UK estimated to be thrown out because of perceptions is unfit to eat or stale, Keep Britain Tidy believes the answer to reducing bread being thrown away lays in teaching people how to use this often binned loaf end to create something new and tasty!

In conjunction with the North London Waste Authority (NLWA), Keep Britain Tidy are due to run several free workshops across north London to help show people that just because a crust is a little stale, does not mean it cannot be eaten.

These chef-led workshops aim to give people some practical advice on how to store, use and recycle their bread to reduce waste in the first place and to make good use of those leftovers.

As part of this, Bio Collectors were invited to provide their views as part of a BBC Breakfast news story focusing on this important issue.

Hear what our MD, Paul Killoughery has to say with the full story due to air at 6.50am, 7.50am and 8.50am on Wednesday 20/2/19.

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