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Bio Collectors through to SME Green Award final

As many of you may already be aware, Bio Collectors are in the process of upgrading the fleet to run on clean and sustainable Biogas/CNG power, produced from recycling food waste at our Mitcham facility. (For those of you that don’t, click here)

This move away from fossil fuels represents a huge shift in our operations to an even more sustainable service that is ready to meet the burgeoning needs of the circular economy in London. Fueling our vehicles using the very food waste we collect is a quite literal example of how, with a little hard work, it is possible to create modern, effective services that also take into account our environment and the effect it can have on our roads. All these new vehicles are naturally ULEZ compliant, more than meeting the requirements of the London Mayor’s goal of reducing air pollution around the Capital, especially from HGV traffic.

Making it to the SME Green Award final stages is a recognition of the importance of such changes, not only to businesses but also to London as a whole. We hope to inspire other companies to look at their own operations in the same way, moving towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly methods of working for the benefit of everyone.

Keep your fingers crossed for us in December.

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