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Recycling Revolution – CNG Power @ Bio Collectors, three months in

Doesn’t time fly?!

Back in April, Bio Collectors unveiled the first of our food waste derived CNG powered vehicles due to begin service. That vehicle represented just the beginning of our transition as a company to a more sustainable model of working and realising our goal of becoming a truly closed loop business.

Thanks to our 10 year partnership with the West London Waste Authority, Bio Collectors has been able to set itself on course to be one of the most sustainable companies operating on London’s roads by not only running our vehicles on cleaner, sustainable biogas/CNG but by also creating the biogas ourselves from the very food waste we collect!

Since April a further SIX CNG-powered vehicles have been added to our fleet with a variety of capabilities and capacities that enable us to continue providing our award-winning AD service to London’s businesses but now more sustainably than ever!

The new vehicles have replaced over 1/3 of our fleet already with more due to come into service in the coming months. Our transition to an entirely CNG powered fleet is well on track and already making a significant difference.

In the 3 months since the first announcement, the use of CNG to power the fleet has resulted in almost 20,000 liters of diesel saved from use over the same period in 2018 and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! It also represents tens of thousands of kilos of carbon dioxide and diesel emissions kept from being released, it represents cleaner air and less pollution on London’s roads for everyone and perhaps most importantly, it shows that it can be done!

Bio Collector’s oversee every stage of the recycling from pick-up to processing to powering the vehicles, demonstrating a real, working example of the circular economy in action all under one roof.

Creating fuel and resources from food waste is at the heart of Bio Collector’s mission and our ongoing investment in developing anaerobic digestion technology to harness it’s full potential will hopefully prove to be an inspiration for other’s looking to meet the burgeoning needs of a circular economy, head-on.

CNG/Biogas power has the potential to help significantly reduce pollution and unnecessary wastage, not only in London but country wide. As a company, Bio Collectors are proud to help lead the way in providing forward thinking and highly sustainable solutions to London’s food waste problem.

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