Frequently Asked Questions

Starting a service with Bio Collectors couldn't be easier.

The first thing you need to do is contact us so we can ask you some basic questions about what service's you require and to ensure we can safely access your site to collect the waste.

Depending on the service type, this will often involve a site visit where a member of the Bio Collectors team will check its suitability and to discuss the best service for your specific type of food waste and anticipated volume. 

If you are a brand new customer to Bio Collectors, you will also be sent our online credit application form for completion.
The bag collection service is designed primarily for sites with very small quantities of food waste or no area to store full-sized food waste bins. This particular service can be requested through our website by following the link to "Apply for a pre-paid bag service"
The Bag Collection service is only available to selected London postcodes so simply enter your site postcode into the online checker and follow the information on screen.
Assuming the service is available in your area, once your account application is processed and approved the bags can be ordered through the Bio Collectors website as required. All collection and disposal costs are included in the price already so what you see is what you pay.

You will be given a day and time band for services in your area and you will simply need to leave the securely tied bags outside your business for collection by our dedicated bag team.

Please note: We will ONLY collect bagged food waste presented in the relevant Bio Collectors bags for this service. 
Once a service agreement has been signed we are usually able to deliver the required containers to site within 3 working days. 
Generally speaking we can accept any food waste that could otherwise have been eaten. This includes uncooked meats and small bones.

We can even accept food waste that is still packaged, such as out of date produce, and the packaging will be separated from the food and sent for further processing too.

For a more detailed explanation of what is and is not acceptable in your food waste service just follow this link to our Documents page where you can find a handy, printable reminder that can be displayed wherever your waste area is, helping remind staff what they can dispose of in our containers and avoiding contaminations.

If you are unsure if your waste is suitable, please give us a call or email us at for more information.
Crew are required to check every bin or bag they collect to ensure there is no non-food waste present that would be considered a contamination. Should there be any non-authorised waste present, crew will NOT collect the container or bag until it has been removed.

Items such as glass, metal, chemicals, garden waste or any waste in black bin bags will result in the container or bag being refused collection.

IMPORTANT: All waste remains the responsibility of the producer until it is collected. It is crucial to ensure your food waste bins are clearly marked and all staff are instructed in the correct usage, as well as what food waste they can put in them to avoid delays or disruption to your service. Bio Collectors are not responsible for any food waste left out that has been contaminated or otherwise not disposed of correctly.

Visit our Documents page for a handy, printable reminder of what is, and is not, acceptable in our services to display alongside your food bins.
At Bio Collectors, we do as much as we can to avoid any disruptions to your service and to provide collections throughout the year. 
The only days we are specifically closed and not providing scheduled services during a given year are over Christmas (24th-26th December) and New Years Day (1st).
All other public holidays, including Bank Holidays, are normal working days for our crew so you will receive your service as usual if it should fall on such a day. 
If your business will be closed or otherwise not needing a scheduled service due to a holiday, then you will need to inform us that you will not require the collection by emailing us at and requesting the service for that period to be cancelled.
If we do not receive any notification then your service will be attended as normal and if we are unable to access your waste, you may still be charged for the attempted collection as per your service agreement. 
We understand that sometimes you may need to take a little break to get things done. 
Should a site need to temporarily suspend a service for any reason, such as refurbishment, then all you need to do is email us at with your business information and preferred stop and start dates. Once we have these we will suspend your service between the provided dates and send you a confirmation by return. 
Please note that we cannot suspend a service indefinitely. We must always be provided with a stop and start date with any temporary suspension request and can only be for a combined maximum of two months in any 12 month period. 
Anaerobic Digestion is a collection of processes by which micro-organisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen and is recognised by the Government as the most environmentally sustainable solution to recycling food waste.
The process produces a biogas, consisting of methane, carbon dioxide and traces of other™ gases which can be used directly as fuel, in combined heat and power (CHP) gas engines, which we use to generate sustainable electricity. Bio Collectors are also one of only a handful of U.K plants able to clean and upgrade this biogas to the same purity as natural gas allowing it to be used in all the same applications such as cooking and heating. Bio Collectors inject this gas directly into the National Grid to be used in homes and businesses across the UK.

The process of breaking the waste down also generates a nutrient-rich liquid called digestate, which we distribute to our partner farms for use as a high quality, natural fertiliser, helping them re-invigorate the soil naturally. 

For a more detailed explanation of the process you can visit the UK Anaerobic Digestion & Biogas Association page here.
All food waste we collect gets taken straight to our own Anaerobic Digestion (AD) facility in Mitcham for recycling into sustainable gas, electricity and fertiliser.

We are 0% to landfill and even the packaging we remove is separated into paper, plastic, etc and sent for further processing so you can rest assured that every bit of your food waste is recycled and re-used in the most effective and sustainable way possible

Click here to visit our page showing the process in more detail.
As a general rule our services are not suitable for private residences due to minimum volume requirements and access for heavy good vehicles. Our food waste collections are focused towards commercial food waste from factories, schools, restaurants etc.
Every collection of a container that we provide is scheduled and logged via the PODFather delivery system. Once a site is signed up to our services, we can provide you with a custom login to enable you, or selected staff, to access your completed waste transfer notes (WTN) at your convenience. 
Please Note : This service is not available for Pre-Paid Bag collections. 

If you experience any issues using our website, please email with a description of the issue you are having along with any relevant screenshots.
We endeavor to answer any such issues as quickly as possible but always within 24 hours.
You can create an account with us for easy purchasing of your recycling items by following the NEW USER link from the login menu.
If you are a Pre-Paid Bag customer, you will usually receive your login details shortly after signing your service agreement with Bio Collectors.
Please note that you will not be able to purchase your Pre-Paid bags until your account has been authorised by a member of the team but you can purchase any of the standard store items as normal. Once confirmed, the Pre-Paid bags will show up in the store for purchase as soon as you login to your account.
If you have not received your information please email us at with your account information and we will re-issue it to you as soon as possible.
We always endeavor to present to you the most up to date information regarding our services. If you notice any issues with the content of this website, please inform us be emailing and we will take any action as appropriate.