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How we process your food

If your business is within the m25 area and produces food waste, we can reduce your waste costs

As Head of Responsible Business at Azzurri, I am incredibly proud of the strides we’ve made in reducing our waste, rethinking our operating model and the importance of the food we serve. Through our Recipe for A Better Future we have envisioned a future where our restaurants can continue to grow whilst doing better for our people and planet. We work very closely with our partners to achieve these goals, and our collaboration with Bio Collectors and ADM isn’t just a business partnership, it’s a testament to our Italian tradition of ‘non si butta via niente’ – nothing is thrown away.

With our partners, we have implemented an innovative closed-loop system, turning what was once our food waste into energy, contributing to powering up to 11,000 homes each year. And we did not stop at that. We found a use for the digestate, or simply what’s left after the anaerobic digestion process, using this leftover as natural fertiliser for the fields that grow our wheat. We are passionate about our food; we appreciate how many resources go into making the ingredients we serve, and now we can proudly say that what was once food waste, is now a fundamental part of our sourcing process.

This project exemplifies Azzurri’s commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices. We are thrilled to work alongside our partners in paving the way towards a more sustainable future.

Claudia Candiotto, Head of Responsible Business, Azzurri

Commercial Food Waste Screening

Here at Bio Collectors, we’re at the forefront of transforming food resources into energy and fertilisers for London and beyond.

We collect food from supermarkets, restaurants, schools, hotels, and many other places, helping our customers manage their waste sustainability, while also providing them with a reliable and affordable collection service.

The first stage of our process is commercial food screening, whereby your collected food is mechanically stripped of any packaging, plastics or non-food waste contaminants.

This enables us to collect food from you that’s still in the packaging, meaning that you’re never limited by what sort of food you can bring to us.

Commercial Food Waste Shredding

The next part of the process is commercial food waste shredding, which breaks your food down into smaller particles that are then fed to bacteria at our anaerobic digestion plant – one of the only kind in the UK.

This biogas produced from this process is pure enough to be pumped directly into the National Grid – something we’ve been approved to do by the British Gas Council.

We’re also approved by FORS Silver, ABDA and SafeContractor, so you can rest assured that we’re fully qualified and informed with all the latest industry updates to deliver a safe, high-quality and industry-leading service.

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