Food Waste Collection and Recycling services for London Businesses


Did you know that food waste is five times more expensive to dispose of in your general rubbish than using a segregated service?

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Anaerobic Digestion is the most sustainable process to recycle food waste, using bacteria to break it down just like your body.

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At Bio Collectors, we've won multiple awards for our commitment to service and sustainability.

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"As a preferred supply partner for a number of years, Bio Collectors continue to deliver ERESE outstanding service and support. With a friendly team matched with reliable collections, they are both accessible and responsive and a valued member of our supplier network."

Sheldon Payne, MD - ERESE Ltd.

"Bio Collector's bulk collection service is very important to the smooth operation of our business and has helped us improve our relationship with the local Council by providing a sustainable solution to a difficult waste. We would highly recommend them."

Sam, Head Brewer - Five Points Brewery, Brixton