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Giving good waste a new lease of life

If your business is within the M25 area and produces food waste, we can reduce your waste costs

As a preferred supply partner for a number of years, Bio Collectors continue to deliver ERESE outstanding service and support. With a friendly team matched with reliable collections, they are both accessible and responsive and a valued member of our supplier network.

Sheldon Payne, MD – ERESE Ltd.

Organic Recycling

Organic recycling is a renewable, closed-loop system where organic materials are turned into renewable energy and digestate for farms.

It’s a highly sustainable, zero-waste-to-landfill technique that means your organic material is given a new lease of life – and here at Bio Collectors, we collect this organic material in the form of our clients’ excess food.

What is organic recycling? 

Our anaerobic digestion facility breaks your food waste down into two components: biogas for the National Grid and compost/digestate for farms.

When we collect your food, its use doubles in power. Not only does your food create power for homes and businesses across Britain, the process also creates a useful fertiliser for farmers – meaning that your food goes directly into making new food. This is called a fork-to-farm system, and you can easily become part of it with our easy, affordable services.

Easy food collection for your site 

We provide organic food waste recycling for schools, councils, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing sites and other commercial premises across London and beyond.

As a future-facing, dynamic company, sustainability and innovation are at the forefront of everything we do. Our fleet of collection vehicles is powered by food waste too, bringing this sustainable ethos to every facet of our business.

To find out more about our organic recycling services for businesses across the London and the areas within the M25 region, simply get in touch. We’re always happy to discuss your needs or to establish a contract that works for your business.

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Every collection we perform is recorded using our live booking system. You can receive e-waste transfer notes to any number of specified email addresses as soon as we complete your service, meaning you spend less time worrying about your collections and more time running your business.
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