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I have been using Bio Collectors for my customers now for over two years and the service has been fantastic…my customers like the fact they can put all sorts of food and coffee into one bin, that makes it very simple to train their staff… I recommend Bio Collectors to all my customers who have food waste to dispose of.

Myles Hosier, MD – Hosier Waste Ltd

Food Waste Sectors

Bio Collectors have been making a positive difference for the communities and companies we serve across London for over 13 years.

Your food, your future 

We combine an easy, responsive food waste collection service along with a unique ability to convert your excess food into energy, biogas and digestate for homes and communities across the country.

Simply put, your food waste powers tomorrow’s needs – making us, and you, champions of a sustainable circular economy.

Catering for many sectors 

Our resource experts make waste management easy for a wide range of food waste sectors including:

As a future-facing, award-winning food waste collection service, we’re nimble enough to act and big enough to make an impact. We’re always innovating and keeping up to speed with the latest industry updates to make sure our service is as relevant and responsive as possible for our clients.

Find out how you can be part of our mission while benefiting from a prompt, affordable food waste collection service by getting in touch with our team today.

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Every collection we perform is recorded using our live booking system. You can receive e-waste transfer notes to any number of specified email addresses as soon as we complete your service, meaning you spend less time worrying about your collections and more time running your business.

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