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Food collection tailored to you

If your business is within the M25 area and produces food waste, we can reduce your waste costs

Bio Collectors’ bulk collection service is very important to the smooth operation of our business and has helped us improve our relationship with the local Council by providing a sustainable solution to a difficult waste. We would highly recommend them.

Sam, Head Brewer – Five Points Brewery, Brixton

Hospitality Food Waste Collection

When you’re in the hospitality industry, you need reliable event waste services to keep your business running smoothly.

Your food, tomorrow’s energy 

Here at Bio Collectors, we provide easy, affordable and reliable food waste collection on a schedule that suits you.

We’re also a future-facing company that challenges the status quo – that’s why we have one of the only anaerobic digestion plants in the UK that is directly converting food from the hospitality sector into biogas for the National Grid.

This is part of our dedication to a closed-loop circular economy, which means you benefit not only from food disposal but from food recycling.

Making a positive impact 

The UK’s food and hospitality industry generates over a million tonnes of food waste every year. By taking action to reduce food waste, hospitality companies can make a positive impact on both their business and the planet.

So, by implementing effective hospitality food waste management strategies, you can save money, improve your reputation and contribute to a more sustainable future for all.

Is your hospitality business located in London or within the areas around the M25? Find out more about how we help you do that with our food collection services, simply get in touch. Our resource experts can provide short-term contracts so that you can try our services for a while before committing long-term.

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Every collection we perform is recorded using our live booking system. You can receive e-waste transfer notes to any number of specified email addresses as soon as we complete your service, meaning you spend less time worrying about your collections and more time running your business.
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