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Making a big difference in UK energy

If your business is within the M25 area and produces food waste, we can reduce your waste costs

Bio Collectors run an excellent facility and produces a great digestate for farmers, which makes our job easier. We have been working with Paul Killoughery, Managing Director, for over a year and the business is growing in the south-east area. He is expanding and we are expanding with him and generating a lot of interest in the local area

Feedback from our customers is always positive – the only issue that ever arises is that the farmers want more digestate than can be produced. Area-wise, we currently cover in the region of 40-50 hectares a week and that is increasing. We started with around 300-400 tonnes and now we’re spreading between 800 and 900.

Simon Williams, Trade Effluent Services

About us

Here at Bio Collectors, we’ve been at the forefront of anaerobic digestion in London since 2009, when we took over a failing composting plant and converted it into a modern and efficient AD facility. Since then, we’ve been processing up to 100,000 tonnes of food waste per year.

Growing every day 

Starting with just one vehicle and offering collection services to local schools for their canteen waste, our business quickly grew, with over 20 vehicles operating today, providing on average 300 individual collections per day, 6 days a week to businesses across London.

An eco-friendly fleet of collection vehicles 

Passionate about conserving Britain’s resources, our eco-friendly ethos is reflected in every facet of our business. Our fleet of award-winning, food waste-powered collection vehicles meet all road emissions and ULEZ standards ensuring that our services are at the forefront of sustainability and circular economy.

Reliable and regular collection

We also work closely with many of the major waste management companies to provide reliable and regular collections to their clients, helping them to fully realise the many cost and environmental benefits of segregated food waste services.

Looking to the future with innovation 

We love a challenge, and so we’ll continue looking for new and innovative ways to reach more companies, convert more unwanted food waste into energy for the future, and to build a greener Britain for everyone. This is part of our dedication to staying at the forefront of industry updates to provide the most relevant, flexible services for our clients.

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Every collection we perform is recorded using our live booking system. You can receive e-waste transfer notes to any number of specified email addresses as soon as we complete your service, meaning you spend less time worrying about your collections and more time running your business.
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