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Making your food go further

If your business is within the m25 and produces food waste, we can reduce your waste costs

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Tonnes of food waste per day
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Bins emptied per week
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Daily services
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Bio Collectors run an excellent facility and produces a great digestate for farmers, which makes our job easier. We have been working with Paul Killoughery, Managing Director, for over a year and the business is growing in the south-east area. He is expanding and we are expanding with him and generating a lot of interest in the local area

Feedback from our customers is always positive – the only issue that ever arises is that the farmers want more digestate than can be produced. Area-wise, we currently cover in the region of 40-50 hectares a week and that is increasing. We started with around 300-400 tonnes and now we’re spreading between 800 and 900.

Simon Williams, Trade Effluent Services

Commercial Food Waste Disposal Company in Westminster

Wherever you are in Westminster, we take your waste, turn it into energy, and then use that energy to provide the nation with power and farmers with fertiliser.

This is a closed-loop, sustainable system that you can be part of while still benefiting from an easy, cost-effective commercial food waste management service.

That makes us more than simply a commercial food waste disposal service – we’re a food recycling service provider that powers homes and communities with your excess resources.

The process is simple. Our biofuel-powered vehicles collect your food at a time that suits your business. We then transport it to our state-of-the-art anaerobic digestion facility, which is certified by the British Gas Council to provide bio-gas directly to the National Grid.

This is part of our innovative, future-facing service that revolves around our clients and sustainability.

Commercial Food Waste Management in Westminster

Here at Bio Collectors, we love to challenge the status quo and constantly innovate our services for the benefit of clients.

As well as being highly experienced and accredited by SafeContractor, ABDA and FORS Silver, we’re also a well-informed company that is always on the ball with the latest industry trends – so you know that your excess food is being treated with the most relevant, dynamic services.

Our customers vary from hotels and restaurants, all the way to supermarkets and schools, so to arrange a collection service with our team in Westminster, or just to chat more about our services, simply get in touch.

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