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As a preferred supply partner for a number of years, Bio Collectors continue to deliver ERESE outstanding service and support. With a friendly team matched with reliable collections, they are both accessible and responsive and a valued member of our supplier network.

Sheldon Payne, MD – ERESE Ltd.

Food waste case study


Established in 1979, Simply Lunch is a market leading manufacturer of food to go products in UK. They are committed to delivering high-quality food while minimizing their environmental impact.


To further their sustainability initiatives, Simply Lunch partnered with Bio collectors, to organise an event aimed to raise awareness about food waste management, promote sustainable practices, and educate employees about the importance of reducing food waste.


On Tuesday 26th of April, Bio collectors held an awareness day at Simply Lunch to engage with staff on the importance of the correct segregation and recycling of food waste.

The participants had the opportunity to ask questions, seek advice, and gain a deeper understanding of food waste-related topics.

The main objectives of the Bio collectors Food Waste Awareness Day were:

  • Increase awareness among Simply Lunch employees about the scale and consequences of food waste.
  • Educate participants about sustainable food waste management practices and the process of recycling their food waste
  • Encourage behaviour change by providing practical tips and tools to reduce food waste
  • Foster a sense of responsibility and empowerment among participants to take action towards food waste reduction

The Food Waste Awareness Day received active participation from Simply Lunch employees, with over 80% attending and engaging with the stand.

The event successfully raised awareness about the environmental impact of food waste and the recycling process of Anaerobic Digestion.

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