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JLEN Environmental Assets Group Ltd acquires majority stake in Bio Collectors.

Bio Collectors is pleased to announce a partnership with John Laing Environmental Assets Group Ltd (JLEN).  JLEN is an environmental infrastructure fund that invests in and operates a number of renewable energy and waste processing companies in the UK including seven other AD plants.

The announcement represents a significant new chapter in the ongoing growth of Bio Collectors, while further expanding JLEN’s significant portfolio of renewable energy assets. It also marks JLEN’s first acquisition into food waste fuelled anaerobic digestion (AD) – the greenest way of recycling food waste.

Paul Killoughery, Founder & MD, Bio Collectors, retains oversight and running of the business and confirms that from a customers point of view it is business as usual for the food waste collector. “This new partnership will allow our business to truly focus on providing cutting-edge, sustainable services to businesses across London. We will continue to operate our award-winning collections for London’s businesses, helping them to realise the many cost and environmental benefits of segregated food waste services”

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